User registration enables customers to register their details to your M4T site. This allows personal information and previous orders to be securely stored for future use. Further helping to reduce the time required to make new purchases, vastly improving and simplifying the customer experience, while providing additional functionality to the M4T site. The stored user information can also be used to produce more targeted and personalised marketing activities, helping you to engage your customers effectively.

Online support for tiered rates and promotional rates providing a way to incentivise higher value purchases.

Essiell has joined forces with Regula, the producer of software and expert devices for document authentication. The partnership will bring together Regula capability as a leading manufacturer of expert devices for authenticating documents, banknotes and securities with Essiell’s ground breaking compliance solutions for high volume transaction processing.

Auto-population of Ultrapos and instant KYC screening will be offered by this solution. Swift and seamless onboarding will also result in reduced customer queues and improved customer experience

We are currently looking into user experiences and flow within Ultrapos in order to make functionality more intuitive, with cleaner processes and minimal click through. This is a continued initiative, but will be evident as early as version 2.10.

New maintenance modules will be seen in Ultrapos V2.10. They have a new look and feel, with added functionality. These include holiday tables, which aid accurate delivery schedules by incorporating client specific holidays. We have also added some tabular buttons for ease of use and improved visibility of changes. This will be coming in Q4 2018.

Over the last months we’ve been busy developing our Money4Travel white label app which offers a new mobile journey for purchasing foreign exchange.

The M4T app integrates seamlessly into your branch network and website, offering consumers fast and secure access to your FX service from any device and any location for home delivery and Click and Collect.

Clients using our online platform M4T can now offer customers same day collection. This works by offering the pick-up location based on evaluating stock levels. This new capability gives the customer more control in choosing their collection point and a more convenient service.

Having identified a need for shorter transaction times and the ability for a customer to see and re-order previous requests – we are working on user registration functionality within our M4T site. This will also be available on the M4T app, and provides an array of useful attributes. This will be available in late Q4 2018.

Sanctions checking and transaction monitoring (velocity checking) will be discontinued as functions in Ultrapos in December 2019 and will from here on form part of the recently launched Watchman Compliance Platform. Watchman is fully integrated with Ultrapos.

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