Inventory management

Our inventory management system effortlessly takes care of stock ordering, returns and movement across multiple retail sites through seamless integration with your preferred currency or prepaid card supplier. Orders are automatically populated allowing you to quickly understand stock levels and order history for improved efficiency and management.


With a fully automated system, you can rely on Ultrapos to process transactions and back office tasks quickly and accurately, delivering greater efficiency and minimising the risk of error. With the requirement for manual processes reduced, staff resources can be freed up to focus on customer service and other business requirements.


Ultrapos offers comprehensive customisation capabilities for a wide range of reporting functions. This facilitates greater management control, offering seamless integration with your back office system to satisfy your own business processes.

Auditing and reconciliation

Ultrapos Back Office is a post-trading platform facilitating reconciliation of transactions. This centralised, automated system offers accurate and reliable management of transactions for effective accounting and auditing purposes.

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