Our services are hosted on Amazon Web Services in an AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), providing huge scalability and fault tolerance. Our systems are fast and responsive, ensuring customer transactions and back office tasks are performed quickly and efficiently and helping you to optimise your customer service levels and business requirements. Spread over multiple availability zones enables us to sustain hundreds of transactions per second with mostly sub-second responses.

Data security

Essiell is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This is a qualification that takes into consideration all aspects of the company’s activities, policies and procedures and our compliance is reviewed on a quarterly basis. Making the most of our AWS deployment, all databases are encrypted at rest ensuring your data is managed and stored securely.

Data protection

As data processors, the security and management of your data is paramount to our business and we ensure that we process your data and your customers’ data in accordance with all laws and regulations which form part of the data protection regime in the UK.

Our systems can help to support your business in processing data fairly and lawfully, and can help support your data minimisation and cleansing requirements in order that you can ensure that the data you hold is accurate and held for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose. Alongside this, our systems can provide you with a clear audit trail so that you can manage your customers’ preferences and allow for fast retrieval for data in the event of a subject access request.

With our services hosted on AWS VPC, you can be confident that data is safely encrypted and stored, helping you to achieve your data management requirements and to comply with the UK’s data protection regime in the performance of your money service business activities.


Our experienced customer support team provide comprehensive second and third level support services to respond quickly and efficiently to questions and queries and offer online support. All queries are tracked using our ticketing system to ensure clean communication and fast, accurate resolution.

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